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Boulder Diner

Ter voorbereiding op onze trip naar Boulder met deelnemers van startups uit de buurt, Open Univer...
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From May 17 to 24 a group of startupenthuisiasts from Heerlen visited Boulder Colorado (and the Boulder Startup Week)

Boulder is a relatively small city (population: 100k) with a large city nearby: Denver (population: 4mln). Heerlen is in an area with a population of 4 mln, with several cities, the biggest being Liege with 500K, Brussels and Cologne are only one hour drive away.

Both Heerlen and Boulder are young cities and both grew out of a sudden interest in mining. For Heerlen it was coal, for Boulder gold. We assume this must have some effects that might be quite similar.

We thought it would be a great idea to get on a plane and visit Boulder during the Boulder Startup week to get a hands on experience of the startup eco system and find out if and how we could emulate, iterate and build upon this idea of a bottom-up startup ecosystem outside of hotbeds like Silicon Valley or metropolises like NYC.

Building a thriving Euregional startup community

SPARKCITY is where entrepreneurs, innovators and business people of all types go to start a conversation, an idea, an innovation, a business, a journey.


SPARKCITY is unique as it’s located in Germany and The Netherlands. We bridge the border and are the springboard to Europe’s largest mark

Founded by local entrepreneurs, SPARKCITY is a non-profit, community effort focused on helping develop the next generation of business successes in the Euregio.


SPARKCITY is collaborating with specialized resources throughout our community’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Along any startup journey they will play important roles in helping new businesses pursue their vision and spur their success.

Get what you need, bring what you know

Get what you need, bring what you know

SPARKCITY is a place for startups and mature tech companies in central Aachen and Heerlen, at the heart of a growing ecosystem. We offer an outstanding work environment with communal areas designed to facilitate collaboration. From a desk to 200 sqm units and 1000 sqm and above.

Critical support

As an organic accelerator aimed at startups and founders at any stage, help is provided in various fields (e.g. law, financing, technology, design and branding). In office hours first issues are addressed and answered with the help of our network of mentors and industry specialists.

A fast kickstart

We offer an international network and location right in the middle of Europe’s largest market. We connect you to local, Euregional or international networks, entrepreneurs and businesses.

Op 8 Juli 2016 tussen 13:00 en 16:00 is Business in the Park!

Tijdens Business in the Park #BIPS16 leer je ondernemers en organisaties kennen met wie je samen verder kunt ondernemen. Voor het geval je ze nog niet kende! Groot of klein, zzp’er of grote sjpeler. Creatief & innovatief. (Buzzword bingo hier hoor!)

Na een inspirerende tuup krijg je meteen in sneltreinvaart een reeks smakelijke pitches opgediend. In kleinere sessies ga je het gesprek aan over ideeën die relevant zijn om ondernemen in Parkstad samen nóg toffer te maken en uiteindelijk betere vrienden met je bankrekening te worden. Toch?

Adres: C-Mill – Jan Campertstraat 5 NL , 6416 SG Heerlen

Meld je hier aan!

Business in the Park is een initiatief van verschillende ondernemers  en communities en  wordt mogelijk gemaakt door  Parkstad Limburg en Gemeenten Heerlen. Deelnemers: C-Mill, Sparkcity, Walas, Superstudios, Lijnspel, Betahuis, Creative Corridor,   Cube,  S13.

*It has to start somewhere What better place than here?

Connecting startup hubs and networks in the Euregion and beyond

SPARKCITY was born in 2014, when we were looking for space to bring together likeminded founders. We had built a great fast-growing co-working place, but we felt an urge for more tech startups and a startup mindset.

Our mission is to create advantages for startups by providing space and support for them to start or grow their businesses. We are accelerating the Euregion ecosystem by providing a playground to those that want to invent, change, improve and grow. SPARKCITY bridges hardware tech, digital, smart services and the international tech community.

Faster and Cheaper innovation through the processes, culture and structures startups use. We help you create the right mind- and skillset. Supporting others to innovate and grow their business, that's what we at Startup Spirit love to do. We help large companies be fast and small companies grow big.

How? We help established companies and entrepreneurs think and act like a startup, and we help startups build their business. We inspire, advice, educate, and connect corporates and startup communities.
Stimuliz is an innovative monitoring system that lets municipalities and schools easily monitor children’s health. Stimuliz’s starting point is its mission: todays monitoring could be faster and better. Stimuliz has already been implemented in many schools today and its usage keeps growing. Stimuliz is bound to become “the CITO of movement studies”. To achieve this we have to create support for the importance of structural monitoring of health.
Fun is the rule, not the exception. To battle litter, schools often have a repressive policy. Canny wants to change behavior by making it fun! We developed a garbage game which was placed on 7 different schools. We want to encourage collecting litter and raise awareness about the problem.

We make it happen

Rob Aalders
Startup Spirit, RAUM, Web Wurst Windmills and Waffles, Startup Region, Entrepreneur, creative thinker and connector of the creative sector
Egid van Houtem
Social Beta, Rhizome, entrepreneur, city councillor, founder TEDxEutropolis, E-culture enthousiast and connector of the creative sector
Bart Temme
Cuttin' Class, TEMME/, entrepreneur, communitybuilder, founder Schinkelstraat 13 and Carbon6; the largest creative hub of Limburg
Danny Huisman
Hello Sunshine, Stimuliz, entrepreneur, startup enthousiast, creative thinker and founder of Akerstraat67; the first creative hub of Heerlen

And yes

You can book a space in SparkCity

Want to host your event in SparkCity? Need a cool place for your presentation?

Our main presentation-room: €100/hr, €300/half day and €450/day

Drop us a mail at and we tell you all about the possibilities.

Get involved

Want to know more? Get involved?
Or boost your startup into stratosphere?

Visit us at Kloosterweg 1 in Heerlen
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