Startup Europe Week

22 februari 2016

Startup Europe Week in the Euregio!
In almost every European nation and in hundreds of European cities, there are events on startups and the local ecosystem.

Join us on wednesday february 3rd in SparkCity in Heerlen and learn more on Limburg Economic Development and their funding schemes, plus the Smart Services Campus, a 100 million project on data and smart services. More speakers to come!
And you get the chance to drink some very special local brew beer.

Startup Europe Week Heerlen Program:

18:30 Welcome

19:00 Startup Europe Week presentation/video – 15’ by your host Rob Aalders (Co-organizer of Startup Europe Week, CEO of Startup Spirit, founder Web, Wurst, Windmills and Waffles and Co-founder of Sparkcity incubator)

19:20 LED’s mission is to bring Limburg into the top 10 of technology hotspots in the world, creating 17.000 new jobs and creating 8.5 billion additional turnover. LED is a grant program for new business growth and thus here to support Startups as well.

19:50 Smart Services Campus is a 100 million development in Heerlen in the field of Sma