BLOG: Brexit; a left hook for Londons Startup Scene.

1 juli 2016
  23d of june will be Englands black page as it comes to public descision making. Remain, or leave, they said about their EU membership. Emotions and old people unfortunately won, because 51% of Brits went for it. Not enough national decision-making and too much controle from Brussels apparently. There sure are lessons to be learned on our side of the pond. But we won’t actually see and feel that after quite a while, when #brexit is over and done with. Now, what will be the infl...
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Digital Aachen meeting

2 maart 2016
Several companies, the RWTH and the city have made a plan to create a Digital Hub in Aachen. This will bring together SMEs, Institutes, large companies and startups. The meeting was attended by offer 80 representatives of companies in the Aachen Area. Startups were represented by Navabi and Tamyca. Of course Sparkcity was also taken part in this important initiative.   Lees meer

Nearst wins Get In The Ring Europe!

22 februari 2016
Our friends from Nearst in London won the final of Get In The Ring. The team consists of two locals and have close relation to many people in Sparkcity. Among the national winning startups from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK, Norway and France, the came out as the best in Western Europe. We're very proud that these dudes just nailed it. A huge hurray!!!    
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Stimuliz partners with TNO

2 februari 2016
TNO and Stimuliz decided to work closely together. In 2016 they will join programs and build towards a sustainable method of stimulating lifestyle and health of children in the Netherlands. TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society. Stimuliz is the monitoring system used in primary schools in the Netherlands. It provides usefull insights in the motorical and health progress of children. ...
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Leapstation wins Startup Weekend Maastricht

12 oktober 2015
Sjoerd Janssen, Luc Smeets and Lion Timmers won the first edition of Startup Weekend Maastricht with their startup concept Leapstation: an online radiostation without the annoyances of radio; advertisements. They worked their asses off this weekend. But they nailed it with their business plan, presentation and a working prototype. In the upcoming months Sjoerd and Luc investigate the possibilities to proceed with Leapstation. During workdays Sjoerd, ...
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And we’re off..

24 februari 2015
The paint is still wet. And the first smell of coffee has arrived. Time to start validating some business models. This week our first residents moved into SparkCity. Stimuliz, iZidone and Canny entered the building. There is a lot we still need to do to get SparkCity going. But business first, so let the startups begin! And we're off..
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